The search can be made by:
• navigation from different access points found on the home page.
• simple search, in which with the introduction of a word or expression records can be retrieved, from the Fund to the simple document.
• advanced search, where various search expressions in different fields can be combined.

Navigating through access points

The access points available on the home page are:
Archive Documents
Institutions (Institution holding documentation)
Images (images or videos)

Search expressions

To search our database a word or an expression can be used. In the search it is indifferent to use with capital letters or small letters.
The following are some examples:

Example 1

Word searched: actas
The AtoM returns all records that contain the word actas. For example: Actas da Junta da Paróquia, Actas de reuniões da Câmara Municipal, etc.

Exemple 2

Word searched: fotografias
The AtoM returns the records where the word fotografia and its images are located.

Exemple 3

Word searched: Actas da Comissão
The AtoM returns the registers where the expression "actas da comissão" is to be found, where the record is: Livro de actas da Comissão Administrativa

Advanced Search

In advanced search the following filters can be use:
Detaining Entity
Designation of the material (textual document, images, architectural drawing, etc.)
Type of Support (audio, video, text)
Digital object (images)
Level of description (Collections / Fond / Series / Item)


Archival collection
All documents in the custody of an archival service or other entity.

Organic set of documents, regardless of their date, form and material support, produced or received by a single or collective legal entity or by a public or private body, in the exercise of its activity and preserved as proof or information. It is the largest archival unit. Each file corresponds to an origin.

Archival description
An operation consisting of the exact representation of an archival unit and / or installation and its component parts by collecting, analyzing, organizing and recording information that serves to identify, manage, locate and explain the archival documentation, as well as the context and the archival system that produced it.

Archival document
Document produced in order to prove and / or inform an administrative or judicial procedure. The archival document is produced in order to prove and / or inform an administrative procedure.

Organic set of records produced or received by an entity in the course of its activity. It is the largest archival unit.

Archival description instruments
Secondary documents that reference and / or describe archival units for control and / or accessibility. Records, shipping guides, elimination lists and various other documents such as guides, finding aids, inventories, catalogs, lists or indexes are description instruments.

Archival description instrument that describes a fond up to the level of the series, referring and enumerating the respective units of installation, presenting the classification chart that presided over its organization and should be complemented by indexes

Producer (archival authority)
A legal person, family or singular person who has produced, accumulated and / or retained archival documents in the course of his or her activity.

Archival series
Set of single or composite documents (files) to which, originally, a sequential order was given, according to an information retrieval system. In principle, the documents of each series should correspond to the exercise of the same function or activity, within the same area of action.
Eg: Expense documents

Digital Object
Digital representation of a document, i.e., images of a document

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