The Archive is housed in a building of very old construction that would have been, in previous centuries, dependence of the house of the Governors, and house of control of the selling of the coal. This building was designated in 1992 as Municipal Historical Archive, due to its location, right in the centre of old town, area of the primitive settlement within the perimeter of the wall and in the proximity of the ramp that gave access to the door of the Castle of Albufeira. Since 2010, it has been part of the Algarve Archive Network and was part of the Installation Commission of this Network.


The mission of the Archive is to safeguard the documentation produced by the Town Hall in the course of its activity, as well as the valuation and dissemination of a vital archival heritage for the construction of the memory of the municipality of Albufeira.


To define management strategies and preservation of this documentation. This strategy involves the use of new technologies such as the digital reproduction of documents. This allows the dissemination, conservation and preservation of documentation.
To elaborate instruments of description, in accordance with international standards, to enable users to access information more quickly, for each documentary series, without having to go to the Archive.


The Archive has three fonds under its custody covering the period from 1504 to 2001:

Câmara Municipal de Albufeira, Administrador do Concelho de Albufeira and Cine-Pax.