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It is up to the Historical Archive to assist, in person, their users in their researches.
If users cannot go to the Archive to do their research, they can request in writing this service, which will be considered according to the availability of the Archive services.
For New Users, the Archive provides a help page.
The Archive also provides Information about Albufeira, which results from a research conducted in several archives about the municipality of Albufeira.

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The reproduction of documents is subject to certain restrictions, taking into account the type of documents, their state of preservation, the purpose for which they are reproduced, as stated in the Regulation, published in the Aviso n.º 5352, 2.ª série – N.º 51 – 15 de Março 2010. The use of the reproduction for publication purposes is subject to authorization by the Head of the Municipality of Albufeira. The issuance of certificates and respective fees are regulated by the fee and license table ruling in the Municipality.
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Apart from its attributions for the organization and conservation of the archives and collections that are in its custody, the Municipal Historical Archive of Albufeira defined as one of its priorities the development of activities that promote the dissemination of its collection. Therefore it seeks to alert the community to the importance of documentary heritage in the municipality of Albufeira.


Newspapers are a source of fundamental research to document history. The press represents essential information indispensable for many researchers. In this sense, newspaper collections are a source of important consultation for researchers and other types of users who also search this documentation for various reasons. Thus it is important to allow access to these documents, regardless of the support in which they are presented, since the value of them lies in their information and, for that reason, it must be preserved. The conservation and preservation of periodicals and their dissemination is therefore justified. It is in this sense, and as an immediate alternative, that the Historical Archive of Albufeira intends to carry out the Project of scanning of local newspapers, in collaboration with the newspapers of the municipality, with the purpose of making these materials available in digital format, to all concerned. An initiative that aims to gather the largest number of editions in its newspaper library, and thus expand the collection of newspapers in its custody.

Collection of newspapers available in the Archive


Whenever possible, the Historical Archive provides information on the exhibitions that are currently taking place or that have already been held.


The Municipal Historical Archive of Albufeira bet on this pioneering project of high historical and cultural value – Algarve Genealogy Project. The purpose of this project is to survey the parish registers of the municipalities of the region, thus seeking to relate all the persons who were born, married or died, from 1592 to 1908. To read more about the project or to access: http://www.genealogiadoalgarve.com/